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Eat At McDonald’s And Still Stay Healthy? Possible!

Eat At McDonald’sTell me what you eat and I’ll tell you why you’re fat… That may not be all true right now.

Unhealthy eating is one of the most blamed reasons why we now have a problem with obesity. However, Don Thompson, McDonald Corporation CEO revealed that obesity can be prevented if only people will be more active. This information was based on his personal experience, being able to lose 20 pounds just by going back to being physically active again despite having McDonalds as part of his daily meal.

This was Thompson’s response when asked how their company is adjusting now that the drive to do something about the obesity problem is on the works worldwide.

He used himself as a clear example of how you can lose weight and stay healthy just by maintaining an active lifestyle. He even mentioned that the reason why it’s very rare that we see a “heavy” European is most probably because they walk a lot, one obvious proof of the benefits of having an active lifestyle.

This is where he ends up with an idea that balance is important to maintain being healthy.
It would have been nice if Thompson had given detailed information about his weight and what kind of diet he’s having but he was unable to give such information.

The remarks that Thompson made was in defense of their company’s products since the rising number of obese people worldwide is now being blamed to the fast-food chain companies like theirs and the packaged food industry and to tell the world that they are also doing their part to help. Just like Coca-Cola Company’s campaign for a healthy and active Eat At McDonald’s1lifestyle through their low-calorie drinks.

McDonald’s have directed all their product promotions to introduce healthy food options that they’ve now included in their products’ selection as their contribution to the worldwide obesity campaign.

Thompson reported, at a conference held at Sanford Bernstein on Wednesday that healthy menu options are now available in all of their 34,000 branches worldwide. So their valued customers can eat in their store whenever they feel like eating something really good and healthy as well.

Although Thompson reveled that since they’ve included healthy options in their menu, the salads’ sale is not inching any higher than 2 to 3%. This is where the idea of including vegetable and fruits to some of their products like the chicken wraps and apple pie, still, as part of their healthy food options.

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