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Talking About The Health Concern On Most Airlines Today

eatingAre you one of the individuals who hate travelling in an airplane because of the foods serve there? Do you have some doubts on the nutritional value of the foods that are commonly served in most airlines today? Do you think that airline managements are not doing the right things when it comes to providing the right meals for their clients? In case you have all these questions running inside your mind, then what we are about to share will definitely make you interested – the annual airline snacking and onboard food survey with health ratings.

With the assistance of this onboard food survey, you will be informed of the latest developments on the foods that are served on most airlines and see their health ratings as well. By accessing this survey, you will also be guided on the amount of the calories that are usually served in every airline, thus allowing you to decide which flight can give your nutritional needs. Below are some of the foods and snacks that are served in most airlines today:


Country style corn flakes – 70 calories, get rid by 18 minutes of brisk walk

Banana — contains 90 calories, spend 23 minutes in walking to get rid of it

eating14 ounces milk – 61 calories, required 16 minutes walk

Baked muffin (fresh) – 290 calories, walks at least for 70 minutes

Lunch And Dinner

Turkey – 135 calories

Sandwich with condiments – 35 calories

Baby carrots – 15 calories

Ham – 198 calories

The foods that we have provided are usually served in most airlines today; we also indicated the amount of the calories you can get from eating them. In this way, you will have the option when it comes to choosing the meals to eat while you ate airborne, thus not losing focus on the diet you follow.

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